Church Values: Leadership Accountability

Over the past few weeks, Pastor John and I have been trying to highlight some of our church values. A couple weeks ago I did a blog post on our value of “holistic Gospel mission.” Yesterday, John spoke to our church about our value to have accountability in leadership.

We believe we are all on temporary assignment. Right now, Pastor John and I serve as leaders and teachers. We have the blessing of serving along many other godly men and women, all trying to serve God and build up the church. However, because of our leadership positions, and because we are paid staff, we want to be extra transparent with our time and our tasks.

Practically speaking, this means that every month we submit an hour report and task report to the board for their review. These reports are available to anyone, though I’ve never received a request. Others on our staff also submit reports to the board for review.

At the board level, this means that we publish the minutes from our board meetings.

Theologically, we value this because we recognize that we are accountable to those we serve in the church. Also, we recognize that we are to walk as children of light (Eph 5:8).

This Sunday John preached on portions of Isaiah 8 and 9. The passage provides a contrast between the people who live in darkness and God’s promise of a “great light” – which is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. Since we follow up our worship services with group discussion time in our Bible Fellowship Groups we got the opportunity to think more about the practical implications of this passage.

One of the discussion questions was, “what can you do to get out of darkness?” I think one of the answers is this – honesty and openness. This is also one way to stay out of darkness. Ultimately, we’re accountable and transparent because we recognize our own human propensity to sin, and secrecy provides the environment where sin can grow. The habit of regular reporting our hours may be somewhat trivial, but, Lord willing, it’s a discipline that helps us stay in the light.