More on the impact of individualism

I came across this quote from Roxburgh/Boren while reading Timothy Keller’s Center Church

On the impact of individualism…

“When we attend to the way people talk about the gospel, it does not take long to discover just how much the focus lies on meeting personal needs. During testimony sessions about ministry trips, people explain how it changed them or how it gave them an experience they will never forget. In modernity the purpose of life is to fulfill one’s personal destiny, goals, or needs… For moderns, it’s almost impossible to read the biblical narrative without assimilating it to the modern categories of the self and the fulfillment of its needs.

“In Scripture, mission calls a people into a radically different vision on a journey bigger and other than ourselves. Scripture calls us into the memory of an amazing story … not for ourselves but for the sake of the world. The strangeness of this story is its illogical and irresponsible meaning: find life by losing it; only by leaving the places of security are the purposes of God discovered. The God revealed in Scripture gives himself away for the sake of the world” – Alan J Roxburgh and M Scott Boren, Introducing The Missional Church