Can I Thank God For This?

I’ve heard a broad range of opinions on how Christians should consume media – what we should watch, listen to, etc. This Sunday, in my class on The Hole in Our Holiness, we’ll spend some time looking into that question.

Meanwhile, consider these thoughts by Kevin DeYoung (full post here).

“I’ve learned over the years that the simplest way to judge gray areas in the Christian life like movies, television, and music is to ask one simple question: can I thank God for this?” (emphasis mine)

The more I think about it, the more this seems like a pretty good test. It avoids legalism. It becomes more refined with our conscience (assuming we avoid self-deception). It allows for a certain level of Christian freedom. And, it’s simple.

It’s already made me re-evaluate some of the things I watch.

What do you think? What tests do you use for determining what to watch and listen to in your Christian life?


2 thoughts on “Can I Thank God For This?

  1. Scott Johnson

    Steven … I agree, this is a great test that will stop and make you think. I recently read The Best Question Ever by Andy Stanley and he suggests asking the question: “is it the wise thing to do?” This one question will probably save us much heartache now and into the future. Of course, we should probably be praying for wisdom at the same time, as God has asked us to do.

    1. stevenkopp Post author

      Yeah, that’s another great question to ask (about just about everything). The trick is obeying once we know the answer!

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