Your teen wants to go to church more, not less.

One of the more surprising findings from the National Study on Youth and Religion as reported in the book Soul Searching is that, as a whole, teens report that they want to attend religious service more often than they are currently attending.

“U.S. teens as a group profess to want to attend religious services not less, but actually more than they currently do. Some of this difference could be mere wishful thinking, with the effect of making teens feel better about themselves… On the other hand, at least some of the teens we interviewed did report uncooperative parents and transportation problems preventing them from attending religious services more often than they did.” (Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers)

My recent experience matches this finding. Not long ago, one family in our church has gone out of their way to invite teens from our after school program to our morning services and, a bit to my surprise, they’ve been coming, and coming back. There is a spiritual hunger in teens we sometimes underestimate.

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