Looking for equality, love, and freedom?

Are you looking for equality, love, and freedom?

Find it in Jesus, at the cross.

We are equal in our humanity. We have all been formed in the image of God and are all, therefore, worthy of honor, love, and respect. God knit us together, loves us, and pursues us as a Father.

We are equal in our rebellion. We have all turned away. We all fall short. We all stand convicted before a holy God. We’re all sick and in need of healing, in slavery to sin and in need of someone to free us, guilty and in need of forgiveness.

We are equal before the cross. We can all find forgiveness, healing, and freedom if we come to Jesus at the cross. Here our rebellion is paid for in full. At the cross we see love, real love, not any cheap imitation.

At the cross we see love that

…… deals directly with sin. Jesus’ love displayed on the cross does not hide our sin or pretend it does not exist. In the cross we see the horrifying reality of our rebellion and its true offensive to our Creator.

…… goes to extreme and sacrificial lengths to bring us salvation. Our rebellion is dealt with once for all through Jesus’ sacrificial death.

…… takes us as we are. No one comes to the cross as a “good” person. We all come in our rebellion as enemies of God, but we walk away his friend, reconciled to our Father.

… demands our radical life change and sacrificial obedience. We are all called to take up our own cross and live a life of love and obedience. This call is an act of love because when we lose our life (living by our own terms) we find it in abundance in God.

… brings freedom.

The cross brings freedom from the slavery of sin. When we come to faith we share in Jesus’ death. We no longer have to live at the whims of our rebellious desires. We are free to live a life of love and obedience.

The cross brings freedom from the fear of death. On the cross Jesus conquered the one who holds the power of death by taking away the sting of death, sin. For the one who comes to Jesus in faith, death is an enemy that’s been beaten and we can live in that glorious freedom.

The true nature of our equality, the true nature of love, and the true nature of freedom are revealed, and offered freely to us, in Jesus on the cross. Go to the cross.