Why is Major Media silent on Kermit Gosnell? I’ll tell you.

I don’t go to the mat for most political issues but I will for abortion. Protecting life is the primary role of a civil government and, in this respect we, as a nation, are failing miserably. 

So who is Kermit Gosnell?

Abortion provider Kermit Gosnell, 72, is charged with killing a woman patient and seven babies allegedly born alive, and with performing illegal, late-term abortions at his thriving inner-city clinic.[1]

Apparently, major media outlets are ignoring any mention of the trial. I’m not particularly plugged into major media so it’s hard for me to judge everything in the linked article but none of it surprises me. 

Here’s why. The reason why Gosnell is on trial is because (1) a woman at his clinic died of an OD and (2) he murdered seven babies who survived the abortion. The stories of the killings are horrific, including stories of snipping the spines of babies who were still moving. How anyone (pro-life or pro-choice) could not be outraged by this is beyond me.

So why not report on this otherwise newsworthy crime story? To do so necessarily raises the question – why is murder to kill the baby after the botched abortion and not murder to kill the baby during the abortion?[2] The only reason I can think of is location. It’s the same baby. It’s horrific when the killing happens on the operating table but it’s not-so-bad if it happens in the womb or birth canal? Simply changing the position of the baby changes the same act from reasonable to disgusting? The insanity of this is outrageous to me! 

The best way to get us from asking such basic questions of human life and justice? Keep it out of the media.

[1] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/11/ashley-baldwin-teen-worker-kermit-gosnell-abortion-_n_3063066.html

[2] In fairness Gosnell is also accused of performing illegal later-term abortions. So, I concede, these practices still may not have been legal but I doubt they would have been considered murder. I confess ignorance on the exact details of the legality or details of the case.


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  1. remingtonmoll

    Thanks for bringing this to light – never heard it before. I’m pretty apolitical too, but I’ve always appreciated this Ron Paul quote – “I could get paid for killing a fetus one second before birth, but I could get arrested for killing it one second later, and there’s something very strange about that.” Slippery slope.

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