Incomplete Picture: Beginnings

Let’s take, for the sake of argument, that the grand Story of history follows the pattern Creation, Rebellion, Rescue, and Re-Creation.

What happens to our worldview (beliefs, values, choices) if we have an incomplete, incorrect, or inadequate understanding of the first stage of history: Creation.

Introduction: Briefly, and broadly, the doctrine of Creation states that God created the Universe out of nothing. It’s the belief that God created mankind in His image. It’s the belief that what He created was good, indeed, very good, and unfallen.

Overview the next few days(?) I will deal with five ramifications of deviating from this doctrine. For now I will simply list them.

If we have an incomplete, incorrect, or inadequate doctrine of Creation we may falsely…

1)     attempt to satisfy spiritual longings with material pleasures,

2)     believe sex is only a biological act,

3)     believe there is nothing unique or purposeful about humanity,

4)     equate ‘body’ with ‘evil’ and ‘spirit’ with good, or

5)     believe there is not value in scientific pursuits.

The first three are the result of believing (in creed or practice) that the material world is all that exists. The fourth and fifth are the result of devaluing God’s material creation.

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