Another “slash”

A quick update is in order:

True to my “slasher” name I have spun off yet another side project. I have started a satirical Lion’s Fan Blog called “Angry Steve: Disgruntled Lions Fan.” The purpose for this blog, is, well, there isn’t much of a purpose, which is one of the best things about sports fandom – you’re allowed to be irrational and senselessly passionate! Anyway, if you’re a Detroit Lions fan, you might enjoy it.

As for this blog, the content may slow a bit to maybe 1 blog post per week. I am currently reading through a few books, and may share some pearls of wisdom I come across. My next BookSneeze review will be of the book Homeless at Harvard. I’m also reading Elders and Leaders by Gene Getz and The Presence of the Future by Ladd. Ladd’s book is the first really scholarly book I’ve read in a while which is very refreshing.

I have a few other blog series ideas on the back burner, which will either age well or just get spoiled through neglect. I’m hoping for the former.

Blessings, Steve


2 thoughts on “Another “slash”

  1. John & Marie Kopp

    Too funny!!!tho I can’t imagine how you have time for another “slash”.a fun distraction, perhaps?


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