Jesus and the Kingdom

Here’s a great quote from George Eldon Ladd in The Presence of the Future.

“The mission of Jesus brought not a new teaching but a new event. It brought to men an actual foretaste of the eschatological salvation. Jesus did not promise the forgiveness of sins; he bestowed it. He did not simply assure men of the future fellowship of the Kingdom; he invited men into fellowship with himself as the bearer of the Kingdom. He did not merely promise them vindication in the day of judgment; he bestowed upon them present righteousness. He not only taught an eschatological deliverance from physical evil; he went about demonstrating the redeeming power of the kingdom, delivering men from sickness and death. This is the meaning of the presence of the Kingdom as a new era of salvation. To receive the Kingdom of God, to submit to God’s reign meant to receive the gift of the Kingdom and enter into the joy of its blessings.” (p 216-217)