Slasher Pastor Turns 1: Top 5 Posts and Future Plans

Earlier this month this blog turned one. I thought I would use this opportunity to reflect upon the past year.

First, some interesting (to me) stats:

Total blog posts: 137.

Most viewed posts:

#1: Dear Pastor, you are not King David – This post received overwhelming response on Facebook, mostly positive, I think.

#2: Book Review: Jesus Is _____ by Judah Smith – Book reviews generate a lot of search traffic and this one far exceeds the others.

#3: Modesty, Responsibility, and True and False Guilt – This post received overwhelming negative response from one guy, who told all of his friends to give me a piece of their mind. Not my most enjoyable time over the past year.

#4: Book Review: Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson – This review also gets pretty regular search traffic.

#5: Should we treat church buildings as holy ground? – Apparently a lot of people search on this topic as well. This is my one non book review post that brings in consistent views.

Countries Reached:

One of my goals in creating the blog was increasing the reach of my existing teaching ministry at church. I get modest international readership. This map shows what countries the site has been accessed from:


Where am I going from here?

I don’t really know. After one year I’m pretty satisfied with my mix of topics. This blog mostly serves to clarify my thinking about various topics I am researching and/or teaching at church. It also provides the forum for book reviews – which gets me free books – and for weighing in on various contemporary topics facing the church.

Over the next year I hope to start combining some of my posts into collections and eventually into e-books (formatted PDFs). If anyone is interested in doing pro-bono cover art for any of these mythical e-books please let me know.