God is Just not Fair by Jennifer Rothschild (Book Review)

ImageDoes God really hear my prayer? Is he concerned about what happens to me? Did he make a mistake? Is he even there? These are just some of the questions Jennifer Rothschild addresses in her new book God is Just not Fair. Her book is laid out in six parts, each with several small chapters designed to encourage the reader to trust God in the most difficult circumstances of life.

Like Nick Vujicic, Rothschild’s words carry more weight because she has experienced suffering. In her case, she has been totally blind for most of her life and recently struggled through a bout of depression.

God is Just not Fair is a book written to believers seeking encouragement. It’s not really an apologetics book. She answers weighty questions, but not in a particularly weighty manner. Personally, I wish she had gone deeper in a few areas, but that was not really the intention of her book.

Her intention, instead, is to point her readers to God as person, not just as the answer-giver. Near the beginning of the book she equates faith to a blanket. When we experience suffering our blanket gets holes in it. What does God do when our blanket of faith gets holes?

“God doesn’t fill the holes in our blankets with answers or solutions. He fills the holes in our blanket of faith with himself. Philosophy, intellectual answers, or religion alone will never be enough to repair the holes in your faith. Only God can fill the missing pieces.”

There’s a lot of truth in this and I can attest in my personal journey of doubt and faith that God has often met me in this way. Still, rigorous books which answer these tough questions are great. And, while this book gives a lot of great answers, it didn’t quite deliver to my expectations.

In the end, God is Just not Fair, while theologically sound, lacks the originality, depth, and insight to be a great book.