Romania Travel Journal – Thursday and Friday.

Going to Romania was a lot like trying to drink water from a fire hose. It’s impossible to fully capture our experience. I kept a little journal while there to capture a little bit of what we did and my reflections.

Thursday and Friday were travel days. We went from G.R. to D.C. to Vienna, to Sibiu. In Vienna we took a train ride into the City Center. We didn’t have much time but Donna and I did make it to St. Stephens in the middle of the city. The Cathedral is massive and majestic.

We met Tim and Timotei, one of our Romanian hosts, in Sibiu. Sibiu is another beautiful city and is home of the Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral. By this point we were famished so we exchanged some of our American money for Romanian and picked up some tasty French Pancakes.

From Sibiu we traveled to Ramnicu Vulcea (R.V.), our home base for the trip. The drive took us through the mountains and the road was narrow. I was reminded that on trips like this I need to trust the driver (Timotei, in this case) and The Driver (God). Both knew where they were going and the best way to get there. I even managed to sleep in the car for about 15 minutes until Tim Bos started yelling “Sheep sheep sheep sheep!”

It was on this road trip that I got my first glimpse of the Romania country side. The Carpathian mountains are as majestic as you might expect, but the roadside is dotted with small clusters of houses. These houses home families that are subsistence farmers. Seeing these homes from Sibiu to R.V. was a foretaste of what much of the rest of the trip would look like.

We are all dropped off different houses once we reached R.V. I stayed at the apartment attached to the church in R.V. where I got to first meet my hosts. After a large dinner (all the meals were huge) I was off to bed, ready for the real work to begin.

Sibiu as seen from the clock tower.

Sibiu as seen from the clock tower.


Team selfie, downtown Sibiu


Lutheran Cathedral in Sibiu. No pictures allowed inside.


Sibiu from above


On the road from Sibiu to Ramnicu Vulcea. Jeremy described the road trip as a roller coaster.


Road from Sibiu to R.V.


Walking in Sibiu


Getting ready to depart in Grand Rapids.


Donna and I made us miss the first train back to the airport in Vienna, but we still had plenty of time to make the flight.


777 from D.C. to Vienna. The plane was half-empty so we could spread out.