To work or not to work…What is a mom to do?

Happy New Year! Check out this wise post from my wife. To work or not to work… What is a mom to do?

Marj in Charge

I have 2 kids under the age of 5, and I work outside of the home. I teach at a local college a few days a week as an adjunct professor.  It is a pretty sweet deal: I only work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  This means that I am home with the kiddos Mondays and Fridays, cleaning, running errands, and sometimes just staying in our pajamas through lunch time.  Tuesday through Thursday I get to teach introductory physics labs to college students.  I love physics and the labs are pre-written so I just follow the lab book.  I also have some time on those days to get most of my grading done for the week so I only bring a little work home.
So I work part-time, making me a “working mom.”  This means that sometimes I am thinking about work while at home and sometimes I am thinking about…

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