Book Review: Beyond Awkward by Beau Crosetto

This Sunday I’m preaching on Acts 3:1-11 (Peter and John heal the lame beggar) and both this passage and the experiences described in Beyond Awkward raise some interesting questions about healing and miracles. One of the main things I’ve learned from Acts is this: Jesus has supreme authority over both the spiritual and the physical realm. But how, exactly, he uses that authority can be a tough nut to crack.

The Slasher Pastor

Talking about Jesus is outside by comfort zone, which may sound weird coming from a pastor. But it’s true. Most of the time I’m talking about Jesus it’s in a religious setting – which doesn’t faze me at all – but get me out of that setting and it’s just plain awkward. It probably is for you too, which, if you want to be a more bold and less awkward witness, that’s probably a good reason to read Beyond Awkward: When Talking About Jesus Is Outside Your Comfort Zone.

There are three “big ideas” in this book that I want to interact with more closely.

Moving Beyond Awkward

The title is a play on words. Evangelism can be really awkward but it’s worth it and on the other side of the awkward there is a divine encounter, a spiritual breakthrough, so we have to get beyond the awkward moments…

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