On Discipleship, Worship, and What we really need as a church

Here is the audio from Sunday’s sermon:


What is “discipleship”? 

A disciple is a follower of Jesus. Following Jesus includes both faith in the gospel and doing the works God has prepared for us to do. The task of the church is to make disciples.

How does our church “make disciples”?

We try to create the process by which believers do the things disciples are called to do, and which contribute to their spiritual growth: Worship (loving God), Fellowship (loving each other), Bible study (loving God’s word), and Outreach/Evangelism (loving God’s world).

What is “worship”?

Worship is the proper response to the experience of God. By experience I mean coming to an understanding about who God is. Worship is core to our purpose and identity. Worship involves following God with our whole lives, and doing the specific acts of worship God has given us to do.

Why is worship important (to discipleship)?

In worship we turn our eyes towards Jesus and this allows us to properly interpret and respond to our present situation.


Regularly and actively participate in the worship of your local church. Local churches need worshippers. Above any particular set of skills we need people who understand the incredible and gracious acts of God, and who respond with love and service.