What I was taught

Here’s what I was taught by my elders, by my spiritual leaders:

I was taught that…

character matters,

consistently bad character disqualifies you from leadership,

bad character in leadership degrades the institution being led.

I was taught that…

words matter,

lewd and sexually aggressive language is not funny or of little consequence,

our words reveal our character.

I was taught that…

women should be respected and held with esteem,

women should not be objectified, in word or deed,

how men treat women reveals their character.

I was taught that…

marriage is sacred and should be held in high esteem,

it is only the fool – in the biblical sense – who pursues another man’s wife,

knowingly inviting in the foolish king is unwise for a nation.

I was taught that…

if caught in a sin you don’t excuse it away,

you don’t minimize it,

you don’t redirect towards the sin of another,

you don’t “apologize if anyone took offense,”

you repent before God and before those hurt.

I was taught…

it is better to focus on doing right than justify the ends by the means,

it is unwise to ally yourself with someone who you know is wicked,

it is right to follow your conscience.

I was taught that…

God is sovereign over the course of history,

He is ultimately trustworthy,

and that those truths allow me to “seek first God’s righteousness” and leave history to God.


All of these things were true when I was taught them. They are true today. I will do my best to live according to these principles. Woe is me if I do not pass them along to the next generation.

God bless,