forblogHello, my name is Steven Kopp. From 2010 to 2020 I served as a bi-vocational “Slasher” Pastor living in West Michigan. The purpose of this blog was to explore ideas of theology and ministry and expand on and clarify the teaching ministries I was involved with as the Pastor of Spiritual Formation (and eventually Senior Pastor) at Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship.

I am the author of two self-published books: What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? (also available for Kindle) and Prayers for My City: Wyoming.


If you are interested in bi-vocational ministry I recommend my posts on the benefits and challenges of bi-vocational ministry.

For an expanded biography, I have written a few posts on the Story of My Pastoral Call.

In 2020 I “retired” from pastoral ministry and stopped posting on this blog. However, I continue to write new posts over at ReadingInBabylon.com.

God bless,

Steven Kopp

7 thoughts on “About

    1. stevenkopp Post author

      Thanks Remington! I am honored my the nomination and quite pleased that you enjoy my blog. I may one day get around to passing it along. However, for now, I’ll at least try to be social and answer the questions you posed in your post. Here are the questions (for the other readers) and my answers:
      1. What’s one of the best compliments you’ve ever received?
      That, in my preaching, I made the text “come alive.”
      2. If you had to get a tattoo on your face, what would it be and where?
      A tiny dot in my beard so that it looked like just another hair (until my beard goes grey)
      3. Where are you right now?
      In my basement.
      4. Are you closer to your mom or your dad? Explain if you want.
      5. How many hours a week do you spend blogging?
      I try to get about three posts in a week and each takes me about 1 hour to write and publish.
      6. What is one of your favorite quotes?
      “RAGE QUIT!” – Random kids I spend some time with once a week.
      7. Have you read the bible? If so, what’s your least favorite part?
      Yes. Romans 9:19-20. Over the years, this is probably part I have struggled with most frequently. I submit to it. I must. But I still feel a tension between the question in v. 19 and the answer in v. 20.
      8. Would you want to be a full-time writer if you could?
      Nope. I like writing but I think that more than a few hours a week would drive me a bit nuts. I enjoy those few hours, but certainly wouldn’t want to make it a full time gig.
      9. When was the last time you watched Home Alone (the original)?
      Shot in the dark here… Middle School?
      10. Do you have any friends of Middle-Eastern decent?
      I regularly work with people of Middle-Eastern decent and find that quite enjoyable, but not many of my work relationships spill over into “friendship” per se.
      11. Describe yourself in four words. Only four. Don’t cheat. I know where you blog.
      Not. Very. Good. At. Counting.

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  2. David Starchman

    How funny. Just last night requesting prayer to deal with the stress of bi-vocationality, I made the comment that “those who advocate bi-vocationality do so with less than half-time 2nd jobs that are rarely ‘vocation’ and usually ‘para-church’. I’ve never seen a bi-vocational advocate have a high-demand job like an engineer (like me).” I found your blog today and was immediately convicted by the “pastor/engineer/writer” sub-title. Thanks for that lol. Seriously, though, thanks. Correction received.

    1. stevenkopp Post author

      David, thanks for the comment. I hope that this has been of some encouragement to you. It certainly is demanding and tiring most days. I will pray for you in your vocations.

  3. Chuck Dailey

    Great to have found your website. I know that being a bi-vocational minister must definitely be a tiring and challenging call. I commend your answer to the call of God! I am also an engineer (by education) and am currently seeking seminary. I am called by God to preach in some capacity, exactly what that is I do not know yet. My desire is to be a full-time preacher of the gospel, but praying for God to lead me in the way he has planned for me. Thank you for your willingness to post about your experiences!
    In Christ,


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